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​​​Luis Jurado, Microsoft. USA.

​S. "George" Espinosa, President Infogenesis. USA in Latin America

 “Ruby Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management is a fiercely intelligent, diligent, and successful businesswomen who enjoys the trust and respect of colleagues, professionals and friends. She is the kind of person you would choose to consult as a very knowledgeable professional and educator. I’m sure you will find her to be a persistent and talented person who will be a delight to work with at any level. Feel free to contact me if you require further information.”

Juan Miguel Moreno, España

Greg Chavarria, IT Director, Miami Court House. Professor Florida International University. Miami, Florida

“Ruby Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management,  has great ability to facilitate and motivate the inner core strengths of professionals. She is a creative thinker and has been a great inspiration to my success. Her abundant experience allows her to provide practical suggestions, and insight on best business practices. I have refined my facilitation and coordinating skills through Ruby's seminar sessions. I can say that she has helped me in developing leadership skills that have optimized my resources and management abilities. For this and many other reasons, I highly recommend Ms. Ruby Ortiz.”

Fernando Dominguez, IT Director, Latin American Chambers of Commerce-CAMACOL- Miami

Linsdey Bernstein MBA, Orlando, New York

“Knowledge, Experience, Skills.  Able to Hear and Easy to Advise others with a lot of Human Touch and Business Professionalism. Ruby, Director of Florida Institute of Management,  is not only a wonderful and exceptional Facilitator, Lecturer and Trainer, but also a unique Human Being!”

“Ruby E Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management,  is an outstanding leader, teacher and professional whom I had the opportunity to meet and learn from while attending her Business Coaching certificate . Ruby's programs are timely applicable and well worth your time.”

​Danilo Vargas, AVANCE, Miami / International

“Ruby Ortiz is a very good trainer from Florida Institute of Management, inspiring people
to think out of the box and moving out of the comfort zone to experiment new ways to do the things, always focused on the core business.”

Oscar Garcia, Sanofi Aventis, Mexico

​Eduardo Bicerne, Ingram Micro. Latin America

Clara Gomez, Total Translations. Global Services arround the world.

​Carmen Teresa Luengo, The Web Latin Guide, Latin America and USA

Reyes Marily, The Cove/Rincon International, Miami and Latin America

Marie Gill, President Minority Business Development Center, Miami 

Ana Crucet, Florida International University

Olga Corpion, Ingram Micro


“I have secured the services of Professor Ruby Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management,  on several occasions, and have attended many of their courses. I know her to be an excellent communicator, business coach and instructor. She has the integrity, commitment, dedication, honesty, and expertise to be an excellent educator. She is an inspiration to many women and entrepreneurs and has demonstrated to me and to others who know her that she is a TRUE LEADER! There is a general consensus in the South Florida and Latin American business community that she is a top educator, entrepreneur, leader, communicator and networker. I am very honored to recommend Ruby Ortiz to any prospective client, student, educational institution, international trade or community organization or to anyone who is interested in working with Professor Ortiz, especially in the areas of business development, coaching, communication, international trade and education.”

“Professor Ruby Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management, always provides a great opportunity to  work/share with, both as the professional and the sincere individual she has always been. Ruby is always ready to help and never in a rush, a rare commodity these days."

"A course conducted by Professor Ruby Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management,  is always a great experience. The skills she imparted during the course made a real difference in my work. She exceeded my expectations. She is really unique.”

"Ruby Ortiz, Director of Florida Institute of Management,  is a true leader among professional women. She is smart caring, and a hard working woman who sets an excellent example for other professionals. She is an excellent professor and gives back generously to her community”

“Ruby and Florida Institute of Management have provided our company, Ingram Micro, with excellent management and leadership training programs. She is personable, credible and has a wealth of knowledge that allows her to relate well to all levels of management. The feedback received from the participants has consistently been rated "very good" and "above expectations", which means that we will continue to use her as part of our training and development program for our current and future leaders.”

“Ruby Ortiz, MBA, Director of Florida Institute of Management is an honest and trustworthy person. Her performance as Professor in the Management courses she has taught in the FIU/MTI Department has been superlative. She shares her detailed knowledge of coaching and management with all business people in the Spanish/English language. This coupled with her professionalism and creativity allow her to excel in all her teaching and/or business endeavors. Her evaluations reflect an excellent performance in all the programs offered with us. From 1 to 10, I will rate her a 10. She is the best”

​Izabel Marquez, Ernst & Young​

Byron Rabe, Decano de la Facultad de Arquitectura, Guatemala

Carlos Pirela, Productive Business Solutions, Centro America

Rosario Velasquez, Directora del Instituto Efraín Gonzales Luna. Guadalajara, Mexico.

​​​Gonzalo Volio Vega, Mexico

​Maria Jose Giron, Conexión Laboral

Mario Archundia, Maestro en Derecho y Abogado. M​erida, Mexico.

 “I met Ruby when she was consulting at Ministry of Education in Guatemala as Director of Florida Institute of Management,  and she always demonstrated to be very capable professional and showed high levels of expertise, knowledge and honesty.”

“Ruby, Director of Florida Institute of Management, 

is an outstanding professional who helps businesses get results in the areas of marketing, customer service, employee and executive coaching and much more. Not only does Ruby possess a tremendous amount of knowledge about her chosen field, she is also a supremely gifted communicator who has the ability to connect and touch people in a way I have rarely seen. She is a world class talent and I don't hesitate for a second to recommend her to any business looking to create a team of champions. Do you want to grow your sales or get your people to work more effectively as a team in order to outperform your competitors? Hire Ruby and you will have an unfair advantage!”

​​“I attended Business Coaching course with Ruby as the teacher and it was excellent. Her teaching skills were over my expectations and the way she ran the class was smooth and clear. I will be in her next course for sure. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”