• We educate, train and coach executives

  • We  continously change and upgrade organizations

  • Our focus is to develop excellent executives

It is the learning center for executives, professionals and leaders with a global scope. We offer all our programs in English and Spanish




Are there special programs for grass-roots training in Latin American countries? 

We also have experts for grass-roots training in Latin America for its comunity leaders. Our experts have experience working with United Nations, USAID, GTZ, BID, and other international donors.

Are there programs targeted to Executive Women?

Executive women can attend any program, however we also have a special set of programs specifically for them.

What languages are used in your programs? English, Spanish?

We offer every program in English and/or  Spanish, according to the needs of the organizations.

Where do we offer our executive programs?

​In the USA, we offer them in Miami  and any other city. With our certifications we may include special visits to ports, chambers of commerce, associations, business fairs, networking events, universities, banks, hospitals and other locations of interest.

We also offer them in any city in the world by special request. Our experts are able to travel to any international location.

Do you offer "In -House" programs?

​Yes, we offer "In-House" programs tailored specifically to your organization (private, public, goverment, educational, etc.)

After  we perform a needs assesment, we  respond with solutions targeted to executive education, training and development activities in your home city anywhere in the world.

Who should attend our executive education events?

High executives, managers, business executives, professionals, university professors / administration entrepreneurs, community and political leaders, government leaders, coaches  and everyone in a leadership and management  position will benefit from our executive education, training and development activities.​

What are the topics for our certifications?



Florida Institute of Management: Leadership, Motivation, Coaching, Human Talent, Time Management, Negotiation Skills, Change Management, Preventing Harassing Behaviors, Diversity, Project Management, Finances, Digital Marketing & Sales, and more...

Contact us for any other topics.